See You Later

Making  video call appointments, regardless the system you use!

See You Later (SYL) basically enables scheduled webcam calls. It is intended to work with smart phones and tablets running android, ios operating systems and also a web portal to do the same tasks on your PC or Mac.

  • Scheduling an appointment
  • Sending notifications
  • Appointment schedule synchronisation with calendar
  • SYL contacts / Google contacts / Facebook liked contacts / Phone contacts
  • Choose: Google Hangout, Skype, Apple Facetime, Mobile Phone (no webcam), or SYL videocall
  • Perform a video call at the confirmed time


Welcome to SYL

See You Later app makes your communication much easier to handle. You are able to have a video conversation at convenient time, scheduled in your calendar and no hassle to find the proper medium. Available as webapp and on mobile devices through Apple Appstore and Google Playstore.  Get started and import your Google contacts and or your phone contacts and start planning your meetings!

Download app for Apple iOS     Download app for Android


Video Calling

You can use the most popular videocall systems that are available in SYL:  Skype, Facetime (Apple), Google Hangout. As alternative you can use our SYL videoconference connection or just your mobile phone (without video). When you invite someone, you can propose the medium you prefer. You contact can confirm the appointment choosing from the suggested media and of course the right date and time.

Schedule Appointment

It is easy: Select your contact from your phone, google or facebook list, choose available options to connect, choose options for date and time and invitation is ready. Your contact can choose and confirm. Both you and your contact will see the confirmed appointment in your calendar and action list. So you won't miss it and when the time has come just push the appropriate button in the appointment screen, getting connected has never been so easy!

Screenshot new appointment square

Web app for your Desktop

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